Putting the ‘fun’ into Fundraising!

This time last year I was prepping like a crazy person for my first handmade markets, in an attempt to raise funds for a pretty ambitious goal – to have my little sister’s 5 kids fly out to meet my kids; their American cousins for the first time. We planned on making it the trip of a life time. Sure, meeting for the first time is once in a lifetime and super special but we wanted to blow their minds by having their first meeting be at Disneyland.

In the end I had raised enough money through my design work and markets to pay for all 10 of our hotels and park tickets but things didn’t work out on the Scotland end and the trip ultimately and sadly postponed as the dream lives on. Someday they’ll meet and it will be amazing. (All the funds raised have been put aside and will be used for their someday-trip.)

Throughout the year I received so much support and encouragement from my friends and the creative community – and I love you all for it! The mammoth project of Stranger Cousins (along with all the love) was just what I needed to bring me out of the hibernation I’d been in since having kids. And now I’m ready to get back to it!

Thank you!

So, thanks for being here. This is the new Sugar Grenade hub. I’ll be posting regularly and I hope you’ll follow along.