Our Favourite Winter Books

We have a lot of books in our house and to keep things fun we pack our seasonal books with any seasonal decorations ie. we have a box of Christmas and winter books that come out with the Christmas tree. The collection is obsessively curated – I can’t lie I am obsessed. Holidays, traditions, any opportunity to create memories and I’m all about it. Plus, our homeschool semesters are seasonal also, so this system works really well with our seasonal learning structure and removes a lot of the effort of hunting down books throughout the year.

Christmas Book Tradition

This Christmas book tradition is a few years old and our collection is pretty solid. We have board books, picture books, story books, Santa books, Nativity books. They sit by the Christmas tree and are seriously (like you’re even questioning it) so precious to me. I can imagine one day my girls (might?) move out. They’ll remember these books, maybe they’ll take them or I’ll gift them their own. The real gift is the nostalgia and remembering the memories we’re making together. Oh, I love this time of year!

I need to know: Do you have a favourite Christmas book?

I have a Christmas book list on Amazon that I add to whenever I see a book that takes my fancy. I look at it every now and again to see if any prices drop throughout the year and snag them when the price is right.