2019 was a year of hustle, with all the fundraising for the cousin trip. It was nonstop all year, every month there was some substantial goal to meet and I’m not really a fast paced person, so it was quite challenging! To relax I started quilting. The relaxing part of it was knowing that I was going to have a finished project at the end of it all, something tangible literally at the end of the day most times. We now have a house full of lap quilts. And our rental feels more like home because of them!

My favourite quilting sites so far as I’ve been learning have been Cluck Cluck Sew, Maker Valley, Then Came June, and Pen and Paper Patterns – these women have fantastic instagram feeds, and I’ve found that the quilting community is absolutely lovely, and warm (genuinely and also punny!) Exactly what I’ve needed this year.

Here’s to learning even more new skills in 2020!