I made a goal in 2018 to make one gift a month for a friend, and I was on a cross stitch kick. My mum is a cross stitcher and has a beautiful gallery of frames counted cross stitch pieces that she’s made over the years. I remember asking her to hook me up and teach me as a kid but the skill never stuck. It was too slow, too boring, too hard to focus on for young Laura.

Now Laura is no longer young and perfectly capable of focusing on such creative activities – again, if you’ve read my other craft related posts I am obsessive in the finishing of these projects. A project a day is kinda how I do things now.

Back to 2018, I wanted to focus more on my friends and I wanted to reconnect with some friends, so I made the goal 12 gifts in 12 months.

8 celtic Sisterhood Knots for 8 friends

I made 8 sisterhood knots for 8 friends – these are the friends that organise an annual trip and have dinner together once a month. This symbol is perfect for them – and now I get to be an eternal presence in their homes. Bonus for me!

Le Petit Prince

I made this little fella for a fellow Little Prince loving friend. He was my biggest cross stitch project and I loved him a lot. Perfect for my friend, whom I also love a lot.

There was a few more because once I started I couldn’t stop, more and more friends kept coming to mind. It was a deeply fulfilling goal, I was actually quite surprised by how personal it became.

I’m so grateful to have such amazing people in my life and it’s an honour to create something for them to try and express just a tiny bit of that gratitude.