This is one of our current favourite things to bake together, and is actually the first recipe Autumn has followed mostly by herself. It’s a milestone recipe!

I would say that these guys are on par with those from your favourite, incredibly popular Utah cookie bakeries. In fact, Stuart took one in to work one day as a treat for himself and all his coworkers were asking him where he got it. One even went out to Crumbl to get his own. So… Yeah. They’re pretty amazing, and they take a half cup of dough to make one cookie. This recipe will officially yield 6 cookies, although I have found a couple times to get 8.

Sometimes our homeschool day consists of baking.

I have a friend (Hi, Kera!) that has made these and instead of adding chocolate chips she stuffs the dough with salted caramel chocolates. They’d be amazing with a Lindor truffle in the middle! Let me know if you try that!

Piper approved.

The recipe is from CenterCutCook and you can find it here.

Let me know how you like them!