Your identity as a professional is what your branding represents. I liken it to your haircut. Your branding (and haircut) is often the first thing people see, it’s your one and only first impression. A lot of people skip the branding because it isn’t what makes them money, when in actual fact it’s what can attract your ideal clients and make you the monies, it sets the tone of your business and the experience clients are going to have with you.

Branding is your logo, your colour scheme, your layout, all of that; it’s your vibe.

Think about if you’ve skipped the branding because, “anyone can do that,” or “it’s not that important.” You want to attract high paying clients but they see your logo that you put together using clipart in paint. It looks good to you! Of course it does… every mother thinks her baby is THE cutest. Know what I mean?

This is where I come in and blow your mind.

There are people out there who have training and experience in branding. I have a degree in Graphic Design. I know colour, margins, kerning, weight and balance. I know how to wrap up your branding package in complimentary colours to make it pop and to make you look like a freaking pro. That’s my job. You have your own, and this is probably not it. Let someone else do it for you. Invest in yourself. It shows to those around you if you have or haven’t. And it pays off.

If you work with me on your branding I have two packages to pick from. Both include a logo, branding sheet with alt logo and your custom colour palette, and business card. Additional pick and mix services (you get to choose 4 extras) include custom branded graphics, a press kit, web/social header, marketing postcard/flyer, newsletter graphic, ad layout, market banner/sign design, label design, instagram highlight icons.

It’s an in depth process. Lots of communicating and lots to show for it. If you have an idea of what you want it makes things a lot easier for me. My suggestion is to get on pinterest. Look at colours, check out your competition, pin things that catch your eye and share them with me. Let’s talk about emotion, what kind of client you want to attract. The more you know about your own vision the more you’re able to communicate your branding vision to your designer and the more your designer is able to guide you in your choices for what is an appropriate way to present yourself. It’s a process I really enjoy!

If you’re looking for a graphic designer and want to start the new year with a bang, let me know!