I admit I am a bit of a snob when it comes to certain baked goods – if I’m spending calories on it, it needs to be top notch. And honestly, I take pride in my bread skills. These cinnamon rolls are my absolute favourite. They’re so good that Autumn started calling them “Sparkle Cakes” at a really young age and it’s stuck, because sugar does sparkle, and quite frankly these are magical.

I make the dough in the bread maker (use the dough cycle) and I double the filling (as the recipe suggests,) and top with classic cream cheese frosting whilst they’re still hot from the oven. I also like to make mine in a pyrex casserole dish so they rise and bake all stuck together, I think this keeps them nice and gooey? I dunno, personal preference, and I’ve had no complaints yet. They stay fresh for a few days – stick one in the microwave for 8 seconds and it tastes like you just made it.

I made these for a friend (Hi, Carrie!) one year to give to her husband for Valentine’s Day. She wasn’t a fan of cinnamon rolls and he loves them. I made them, she took them home, hid them away for the night and found herself sneaking out multiple times through the night for a bite after they’d gone to bed. He asked her what she was doing and she had to confess. They are THAT good – people who don’t like cinnamon rolls lie to their husband and eat their Valentine’s breakfast!

The recipe I follow is from MoneySavingMom, find it here.
And the cream cheese frosting recipe is from Food Network; here.

If you try them let me know!
We love these for breakfast on special occasions – birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, when we have guests… basically any opportunity to make these and I’m all over it!