I feel strongly about community. I was raised in a home that encouraged and valued it, and as an immigrant I need it. When you aren’t surrounded by family you realise how powerful it is to be supported by people who have chosen to get to know you, who go out of their way to bond with you. Those are precious people!

The Rising Tide Society is a free creative community, currently with 40k members on facebook. They created the #communityovercompetition hashtag and fully encompass that. It is a network of people willing to share their expertise and opinions to aid your success. Talk about empowering!

The community itself is a wealth of knowledge but something special about them is that they have a physical presence throughout the world with local chapters that meet on one Tuesday a month. On that Tuesday they discuss a specific topic that will help you as a business owner/creative.

I would love to hear if you’ve been involved in The Rising Tide Society or if you’re interested in getting involved.

You can find your local Tuesdays Together chapter here.