About laura

LAURA was born and raised in Scotland where she lived until she got married to her Seattlite husband. She’s the 5th of 7 kids and has kinda-but-not-quite-middle-child syndrome. She was raised in a home where a creative and entrepreneurial spirit was present – her mother was a skilled and avid portrait photographer and her dad started his own importing business during her childhood. Laura has always been a dreamer and an introvert. 

Since getting married and moving across the pond, Laura has lived in the Pacific North West, rural Idaho, Northern California (where she got her degree in Graphic Design and had a baby), and now, Utah (where she had her other baby.) Always embracing the opportunity to experience change she has a constant itch to see more. Dreaming, wandering, creating, and collaborating are her passions. She spends her days homeschooling her two little girls, nurturing their creativity and hopefully, a love of learning. She has been in the US for almost 15 years. She does like haggis, and no, she can’t play the bagpipes.

Community is vital to Laura, as she is so far away from her family and homeland. She enjoys supporting makers and participating in local projects and markets. She also enjoys collaborations and sharing her creative ideas to help others reach their goals and dreams.

Her favourite things include: roadtrips, sheets fresh from the dryer, pebble ice, Thai food, making lists, breakfast dates.

About sugar grenade

SUGAR GRENADE was born in Idaho in the mid-2000s when Laura began blogging. Her Photoshop skills began to grow when she would design her own blog elements and learned to digital scrapbook the photos she was taking for her blog by watching tutorials on youtube. Once the fire was lit she began picking up projects designing invitations and announcements for friends. The SUGAR GRENADE etsy store opened in 2010. 

Eventually she went on to get her degree in Graphic Design. Her experience includes tshirt design, packaging design, print and web design, logos and branding. 

Laura welcomes opportunities to collaborate on design projects. Feel free to get send her an email to talk about what you have in mind! 

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