Christmas stockings

I\’ve had a crafty year. At the end of summer I had the idea to really make sure I was on the nice list – my oldest brother had asked a couple of times over the years if someone could sew some Christmas stockings that match the ones our Gran Stronach made for us as kids. Sounds fine but when you realise those stockings are the biggest stockings in the world, and are personalised with our names, and sequins, and a handmade applique, with pom pom trim… the idea was diabolical. The person who took up that task would need to be crazy.

An original Gran Stronach stocking.

So I did it.

I pulled out all the leftover material I had from when I made them for my own kids – I was apparently crazy BEFORE taking up his challenge – and cut out as many stockings as I had fabric for. 8. I had enough for 8. I only needed 3. So then I got to thinking, how much more overachieving can I be? Who else should I make these for? The middle-child in me was pretty excited about the potential praise she\’d receive for this momentous gesture. This was also going to be a one and done project. I never intend to sew another stocking ever again.

I sat down. I made my list and checked it twice. I would make 6 stockings that weekend – I\’d be done that night if I could help it! I have a serious obsessive need for gratification, and finishing a project and cleaning up afterwards knowing I don\’t have to sit down and take out all that stuff again actually feeds my soul. \”Now or never\” is how I get most things done!

I cut out letters for the 6 names, measured and cut all the pom pom trim, put together appliques, cut fur… I made those suckers!


Then the biggest challenge – packaging and shipping them. Anyone else struggle with what should be the easiest part of a task? Good grief.

This is the kind of things you send home to Scotland: ranch dressing, peanut butter treats
and goldfish crackers!

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