Cooking class: Pizza

One of the things I love a lot about homeschooling is the opportunities we have to expose the kids to whatever they’re interested in. Our schedules are flexible, and we can follow any whims that tickle our fancy. We have a neighbour who is Italian and teaches Italian cooking classes for kids and also adults. Autumn got a little one-on-one with Teresa and learned how to make authentic italian pizza. We fully embrace anything to do with pizza but hullo! Real life Italian pizza! Come to mama!

I’ve made a lot of pizza in my life but nothing like this. This was the best – and also the most simple. Other than how tasty this pizza was, the point of this whole post is that we’re surrounded by fantastic people who have fantastic skills and the cherry on top is that these fantastic beings are willing to share their skills and knowledge… and pizza.

If you live in the Provo area and you’re looking for cooking classes for your kids I have the woman for you – she also is available to teach date night classes, and group classes – think gnocchi, lasagne, ravioli, tiramisu…

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