FAQ: Do you miss home?

This is my most asked question when I’m introduced to someone. It’s a bit of a weird one when you think about it. Usually, I’m like, “yeah. I wish I was at home right now instead of here having to answer this question.” Just kidding. Mostly. But it is a strange question and I think most people who ask it realise how strange it is as soon as they say it. And they’re probably worried I might start crying because it is a sad, personal question!

How many of us live in the same place where we grew up? I left home when I was 19. A lot of people leave home around that time. Just because I moved further than most people probably do doesn’t me I miss things more, necessarily. It’s different where I am now but it’s also different here than where my husband grew up and nobody asks him if he missed the PNW.

All of this is to say I think I get too much credit for my ‘bravery’ etc. for being here.

And the answer is, yes. Of course, I miss it.

I also miss being 19!

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