Happy Half-Birthday!

Autumn’s birthday is in December which isn’t the funnest time to be born if where you live is snowy and cold – no new bike for you! When she was just a few months old we moved from California to Utah, which is where the snow is. We had always talked about how we would celebrate her birthday in a way that it didn’t get absorbed into the other big celebrations of the season, and the half birthday idea was decided upon along with not putting any presents under the Christmas tree until after her birthday, and her birthday gifts are not to be wrapped in Christmas paper.

When we moved we happened to become neighbours (and friends) with a little boy born on the same day as Autumn. Same day and almost same time. Pretty fantastic! We did their one year pictures together, and then started the half birthday tradition where we’ve taken their pictures in June together ever since.

These pictures are real treasures. I look forward to taking them every year and comparing them with the previous year. Again, mind blowing and also heart breaking… newborn, where’d you go?!

Kera, or “Other Mummy” as Autumn has been known to address her is a photographer based in Ogden, Utah. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She has taken our family pics, our kids half birthday pics, and Piper’s birth pics… You can find her here.

Now, please excuse me while I go off and cry about how big my little baby is…

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