Wedding talk

I was 19 when I got married. We were married before either of us went onto higher education, before careers were chosen and before we had a decent savings account. Our wedding was low key and super budgeted with immigration fees on the horizon and our love goggles in full phase we said things like,… Read More Wedding talk


Sweet Tooth Fairy: Vanilla Cupcakes

This is my default, perfect cupcake recipe. It makes a perfect dozen and the frosting is top notch even though when you read the recipe you’ll say to yourself, “uh, coconut AND almond extract?” Yes. Embrace it. You’re going to love it! Find the recipe here.


Cooking class: Pizza

One of the things I love a lot about homeschooling is the opportunities we have to expose the kids to whatever they’re interested in. Our schedules are flexible, and we can follow any whims that tickle our fancy. We have a neighbour who is Italian and teaches Italian cooking classes for kids and also adults.… Read More Cooking class: Pizza


May The Fourth

Last year my parents were visiting from Scotland and we had just got home from a trip to Disneyland when May 4th rolled around. My little sister, in Scotland wanted to do a party together for May The Fourth and see what we came up with. It was a first for me but I have… Read More May The Fourth


Raising Butterflies

This past month we witnessed the miracle of the butterfly life cycle. From teeny tiny caterpillar to big, chubby caterpillar hanging from the top of the cup lid in a ‘J’ shape, to chrysalis buddies all hanging out in their habitat and sometimes shaking violently when we got too rowdy around them… We saw it… Read More Raising Butterflies



How about I get my website up and running and then fall off the face of the earth for a month? That wasn’t my actual idea but we decided to do our first round of Whole30 in April – yeah, Easter month. Seems like “good ideas” aren’t really my thing at all! I have a… Read More Whole30


Unit Studies

We’ve been enjoying Unit Studies since Autumn (5) was a tot. When we lived in Ogden, UT she had a fantastic group of little friends who are all around the same age. We started a weekly preschool for them where each mama would each host and teach once a week. They all picked up their… Read More Unit Studies