Raising Butterflies

This past month we witnessed the miracle of the butterfly life cycle. From teeny tiny caterpillar to big, chubby caterpillar hanging from the top of the cup lid in a ‘J’ shape, to chrysalis buddies all hanging out in their habitat and sometimes shaking violently when we got too rowdy around them… We saw it all and it was fantastic and wonderful. Today we set them free and it was magical!

Everything we needed came in the butterfly kit I snagged from Amazon. Two cups of 5 tiny caterpillars with their food in the cup, the popup habitat, a little sponge feeder and pipette, along with all the instructions you’d need to not be scared of raising butterflies because I actually was pretty scared…

Our little fellas took a month to go from teeny caterpillers on our front doorstep to being beautiful butterflies freed in our back garden. A month is enough time for a 5 year old to name every. single. one.

I would absolutely recommend doing this with your kids. It was a lot of fun, and something that neither Stuart or myself had ever done before. Plus, you know, the kids loved it too. We’re making it an annual thing.

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