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We love roadtrips. It’s how I was raised, with an atlas of the UK on my lap, navigating my heart out. The roadtrip was part of the experience, which is the opposite of how Stuart was raised. It’s taken years for our roadtrip experience to turn into something special for both of us, rather than stressful and confusing. You might be thinking, sure Laura, it’s fun for you because you don’t even have a drivers license! Excuse me! I take my roadtrip responsibilities very seriously!

If you go on a trip with me you will notice, I have a playlist ready to go and I’ve taken you and your musical tastes into account. You will also see there are snacks and treats, and some of them are homemade – I bake sandwiches, sausage rolls, muffins. I make muddy buddies. Also, I do not sleep. I stay awake and I keep you company. I have references of these antics if you don’t believe me. (not even kidding.)

I also likely have an itinerary of stops mapped out and it’s cool if we blow past some. I aim for a stress-free and memorable experience. Whatevs. It’s fine.

A stop at the Oregon Trail Museum this summer

Here are some of my favourite roadtrip planning resources:
1. Roadtrippers app.
This is a new favourite tried and tested on various trips this past year. You can put in your start and finish and it shows you EVERYTHING along the way. You can add places and it tells you how far between each stop. This is a gem of a resource.

Flying a kite at the Bonneville salt flats

2. Roadside America.
This site shows you all the quirky stops. You’ll find some seriously amazing things on here and it’ll make you excited to get out on the road! These stops will take your trip photobook up and notch and the memories will be seriously memorable ie. remember that time we stopped at that glass bottle ranch? Or, remember the time we stopped at those huge colourful painted rocks in the desert? Or the time we kicked Autumn out the van in Grants Pass, Oregon at 5 in the morning to take a picture with a bear dressed like Harry Potter? Or or or! So many memories!

2017 | She’s tiny and I could cry.

3. Ghost Town of the USA.
Check this out and see what’s near you. Have you visited any? Was it amazing?

Tell me, are you a roadtripper or do you prefer to travel by air?
What is your best roadtrip memory?

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