It is such an exciting time for SUGAR GRENADE! Recently we made a goal that has pushed me to achieve things that I have been putting off for a long time. My SUGAR GRENADE bucket list is being checked right and left every week. New growth for the brand and for myself, personally.

THE GOAL is to raise enough money to have 5 cousins (+ an aunt and uncle) fly over to California for their first BIG trip together. And to make it even BIGGER we’re going to go meet them there – at DISNEYLAND!

These two sets of cousins have never met each other in person. 5 Scottish cousins + 2 American cousins. Of the 5 Scottish cousins I have met 4. Daisy, Willow and Ozzy were little toddlers when I was last home 9 years ago. I haven’t met Presley (5), and none of them including my little sister Beki, have met my kids. Actually, only one of my siblings have met Autumn. None of them have met Piper – who just turned 4.

Anyway, so the goal is a hefty one. We put our Disneyland tickets and hotels on layaway with the plan to just pay off bits at a time through the year. It’s been working well.

Everyone is working hard.

All proceeds from my online store, and freelance work are going straight towards the layaway and once that is paid off it’ll be put aside for spending money for the cousins.

I have a couple of markets coming up and I’m excited to share with you the efforts we’re putting in to make this all happen.

You can follow along with us on instagram @stranger.cousins

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