Unit Studies

We’ve been enjoying Unit Studies since Autumn (5) was a tot. When we lived in Ogden, UT she had a fantastic group of little friends who are all around the same age. We started a weekly preschool for them where each mama would each host and teach once a week. They all picked up their colours, letters, and shapes quickly over the couple of years we did it. I’ve continued the structure of those little early lessons and find it easier to focus on learning if we choose a theme to follow and incorporate age appropriate activities based on the monthly theme. It makes it easier to dive right in, and we often find little lessons emerge that we could never have predicted.

Currently we’re subscribed to receive a monthly Compass Crate as we really find our footing in this homeschooling journey we’re now on as Autumn would start Kindergarten in September. These boxes arrive once a month and are themed. I check the theme in advance and pull together my own resources to complement it. I like to add a reference book, a story book to read aloud, printables that I find on Pinterest, and a hands on activity – maybe something more sensory that can be adapted for other unit studies.

I’ll be adding more about the unit studies we cover and the resources I come across as we dive into homeschooling. I’m excited and nervous about it all!

What are your kids favourite things to learn about?

So far we’ve loved Colour + Light, Space + Stars, Oceans +Reefs, Dinosaurs + Fossils – you can find some of these boxes still available on the Compass Crate website – I hadn’t intended this post to be an advertisment for them but they’ve directed our learning for a few months now and I can’t deny how much easier it’s been using them as a primary learning resource. Little hands have been kept busy and love of learning nurtured! What more can a mama want?


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