How about I get my website up and running and then fall off the face of the earth for a month? That wasn’t my actual idea but we decided to do our first round of Whole30 in April – yeah, Easter month. Seems like “good ideas” aren’t really my thing at all!

I have a little experience with changing lifestyles. The short of it is that I lost 63lbs a few years ago. I went from 226lbs to 163lbs by eating healthily and doing a little exercise. 
I made it through two pregnancies without gaining weight – due to being really sick both times, but baby number two brought with her some serious sugar cravings that I had never experienced before in my life, and that never stopped once they started. She weaned last summer and my weight kept creeping up and up, not all the way back to 226lbs but a little close for comfort!

We jumped into Whole30 without knowing entirely the extent of it. The book arrived on Thursday and we went food shopping on Friday in order to start on Saturday, the 1st of April.

If you’re looking to make some healthy choices – weight loss is a bonus, this whole thing is about breaking bad food relationships, this could be for you.

No food cravings/temptations
No late night snacking
No bloating
No hunger between meals
Clearer skin
Better sleep
Better digestion
More energy
Weight loss (without exercise)
More patience with my kids
Feeling of self pride in accomplishing something pretty stinking difficult

More expensive
Lots of dishes to clean
First 12 days are really hard – headaches, irritability etc.
Can’t eat out on a whim
Constantly needing to pee

We’re in no rush to do it again but we’re also in no rush to go back to old habits. Worth it!

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