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Stranger Cousins

Laura has nieces and nephews she hasn’t met. Her kids have aunts and uncles they haven’t met. Only one of the Sugar Grenade kids has met one of Laura’s 5 siblings. She’s the only member of her family in the US.

In 2018 she hatched a plan to have her kids meet some of their Scottish cousins for the first time at Disneyland the following year.

Fundraising went well as Laura attended local markets to sell her products, and she dedicated her online shop sales to the cause.

​​The Disneyland trip was generously funded for the 5 Scottish cousins + 2 American cousins and their adults through market and shop sales.

Hotels and park tickets were booked and paid for but there were some kinks on the Scottish end of things.

The trip never happened but the funds are put aside, and fingers are crossed for another opportunity for the Stranger Cousins to finally meet.

Certain products in the shop fund the future Stranger Cousins reunion.