It’s me. Hi. I’m Laura.

Laura gets up every day, takes a couple of pills (we mentioned her blood pressure already,) opens the blinds as the sun is coming up over the mountains, sits down in her favorite spot, and starts drinking from a giant water tumbler, which she’ll refill at least two more times throughout the day. She’s very hydrated.

She lives in Utah with her husband and their two daughters. Three out of 4 of them were not born in Utah. They love to go places together and usually have a trip to who-knows-where planned. Road trips are their favorite way to travel.

Traditions are important to Laura, along with memory making and memory keeping. She takes a lot of pictures and celebrates as many holidays as possible.

Professionally, she’s a graphic designer specializing in branding and brand strategies.

“You do not find the happy life.
You make it.”

– Camilla Eyring Kimball

A little more…

Seasonally reclusive, Laura does a lot of things from home ie. running her business, birth, home schooling her kids, and cultivating long-distance relationships with her family.

In the warmer months, she’s out and about exploring National Parks or camping on the Oregon Coast. These adventures are documented on the blog.

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I’m from Scotland. Born on the West Coast and raised on the East Coast.

My husband is American. We met online when we were teenagers, thank you Hotmail, MSN messenger, and dial-up internet. We got married and I’ve been here ever since, over half my life.

I would love to! I co-own Bea + Elle Designs, a branding and web design studio with my friend and business partner, Brooke.

Brooke is the Bea, and I’m the Elle.

Brooke + Laura.

Bea + Elle.

I typically design full branding, which includes logos, submarks, custom color palettes, font pairing, patterns, and collateral design, i.e., business cards, social media covers, etc. It’s everything you need to present your business to the world confidently!

Contact me through the Work tab to let me know about your project.

Stranger Cousins began in 2018 as a fundraising project to raise money for my kids to meet their cousins. None of them had ever met in person, and only one of my six siblings had met one of my kids.

We raised enough money for Disneyland tickets and hotels for 5 Scottish cousins plus their 2 adults, and for the 4 of us, but things didn’t work out on the Scotland end of things. The trip was canceled. All the refunded money was put aside and later used in 2023 for the 4 of us to fly over to Scotland and meet those 5 cousins – plus their 2 new siblings and 2 other Stranger Cousins.

Check out Stranger Cousins under the About tab to read more and to see how the first-ever reunion went.