Laura is a generator of ideas in an almost constant state of brain-storm, and she’s happy to share them with whoever needs them. On more than one occasion, and by more than one person she has been called “my muse.”

Quiet and observant, she is genuinely curious and has questions you probably wouldn’t expect to be asked. Laura cares deeply and feels strongly. She was a shy and sensitive child. Now, empathic and intuitive she has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing what needs to be done.

At her core she’s an advocate for equality and unity. She isn’t afraid to swim against the current.

Sugar Grenade was born in Rexburg, Idaho in the early 2000’s. Laura dove into graphic design as a young newlywed, immigrant waiting for her visa to process. Those days were filled with learning how to digital scrapbook as a way of sharing photos of her new life, with her family and friends.

In 2011 she tucked a degree in Graphic Design under her belt whilst living in The Bay Area of Northern California right as she ended a 7 year battle with infertility.

Now she is in Utah, and is the co-owner of Bea + Elle Designs; a female founded and owned Web and Graphic Design studio specializing in small business branding, websites and growth strategies.

Laura is passionate about connection and believes that small, genuine gestures are underrated, that if people sent mail intentionally once a week instead of once a year there would be more joy in the world. That is why you’ll find her online shop stocked with everything you need to indulge in that dying art of letter writing and thoughtfulness.

Laura doesn’t have a driver’s license; never has and maybe never will. You don’t need to worry about that. For what she lacks in the drivers license department she makes up for in the navigator-and-roadtrip-planner department. She can meticulously and enthusiastically plan a roadtrip that you’ll talk about for the rest of your life. From pits stops, obscure attractions and photo ops, to playlists that magically cater to every person in the vehicle, and snacks that are so satisfying you’ll happily pass up those gas station nachos, this is her calling. All you need to do is drive.

Quirk: Laura doesn’t sleep in the car. She is there to keep you company, and to keep you from speeding too much, and she’ll also shout at other drivers on your behalf. She’s precious cargo.

She’s no social butterfly but that doesn’t mean community or networking isn’t important to Laura. She likes to be involved but not the spokesmodel of the situation; that’s why you could find her playing the role of Stage Manager of her high school’s plays.

Laura believes there’s a place for everyone at the table. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find your table but it’s worth it to explore the options. There are so many different avenues for finding your community these days! Collaboration is a personal favourite.

Sure you think she’s all cool, calm, and collected at first glance (LOL!) but behind the scenes, there’s a special recipe of chaos in play that Laura takes almost all responsibility for.

It’s a special balancing and juggling act that involves homeschooling two little ruffians, running a small shop, co-owning a branding studio, trying to keep a house tidy, learning about her autoimmune disease, and trying to keep long distance relationships connected, and keeping those closer in proximity relationships kindled. Mostly she’s trying to make sure everyone has what they need in order to thrive.

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Laura's Bucketlist

  • See the sunrise on the east coast

  • See the sunset on the west coast

  • Stay in a penthouse in NYC

  • Visit every state

  • Get a tattoo

  • Indoor skydive

  • See Paul Bunyan

  • Sleep in a yurt

  • Ride the Jacobite Express

  • Go hydrobiking

  • Plan a girl's trip roadtrip

  • Buy a house

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