Stranger Cousins

In 2018, a plan was hatched to have 2 American cousins meet some of their Scottish cousins for the first time at Disneyland the following year.

Fundraising went well as Laura attended local craft markets to sell her products, and she dedicated her online shop sales to the cause.

​​The dream Disneyland trip was generously funded for the 5 Scottish cousins + 2 American cousins plus their adults through market and shop sales.

Hotels and park tickets were booked and paid for, but there were some kinks on the Scottish end of things.

Devastatingly, the trip never happened, the funds were put aside, and fingers were crossed for another opportunity for the Stranger Cousins to meet finally.



2022 brought some fresh trauma for the whole family with personal family issues, followed by the cousin’s Papa Stronach having a surprise cardiac event after arriving in Wales to visit the oldest Stronach sibling. He was taken care of in Wales – all the Stronach kids showed up except Laura in America. He was then sent up to hospital in Scotland to finish off his 16-day coma.

Laura booked flights, and the American chapter of Stranger Cousins made their way to Scotland. It wasn’t the reunion they’d envisioned, but it was officially the first semi-reunion, with 2 American cousins meeting 9 of their Scottish cousins for the first time.

Not only did the Stranger Cousins (and aunts and uncles) meet for the first time, but there was a bonus Stronach cousin reunion with their Stronach Girl cousins they hadn’t seen in many, many years!

Stranger Cousins 2023

Next upcoming trip:
Spring 2024

It’s true. Our next Stranger Cousins trip is in the works. These guys have a lot to catch up on!

We appreciate all the support and encouragement we’ve received to make this happen and, of course, invite you along to follow us on Instagram.

Sales from the Sugar Grenade shop continue to fund cousin shenanigans.

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