Bea + Elle Designs

Bea + Elle is a branding and web design studio owned by long-time buddies, Brooke and Laura. They were neighbors in a small, dusty, college town in South Eastern Idaho many years ago when they were both youthful, young, foot-loose, fancy-free, newlyweds. Seriously, it was so long ago.

After leaving Potato Country they kept in touch, referred clients to each other, and worked on design projects together here and there.

Fast forward to late 2019, and Brooke messaged Laura and said, “Hey. Wanna just do this together?”

And Laura was like, “Yeah, okay. Sure.”

Now they run a very professional branding and web design studio creating everything you need to confidently stand out from the crowd and conquer your niche. Together, they’ve got your web design, website, branding, logo, custom content, and graphic design needs covered.

Branding Design by Laura