Oh hey, you’ve found me. I live in a constant state of creative chaos, and my blood pressure is a little higher than it should be. I wear a few hats, have many questions, and am always dreaming of the next adventure…

I’m a small shop owner and graphic designer specializing in branding and brand strategy.

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Graphic Design

From logos, invitations, and announcements to t-shirts, merchandise, custom content, and packaging, Laura’s worked on it all over the last 20 years.

Luckily for you, she loves a mini-project fling as much as she loves a long-term commitment project. Snag a spot on her calendar and invest in her professional graphic design skills, experience, and education for yourself!

Branding Design + Strategy

From startups and small businesses to worldwide corporations, Laura’s worked with businesses of all sizes as co-owner of branding and web design studio Bea + Elle Designs.

She creates, refreshes, and incorporates brand identities to create seamless and coherent visual experiences that elevate brand experience.

Small Shop

The Sugar Grenade Designs shop is packed with nostalgic and shareable goodies you can easily pop into an envelope and mail off with a first-class stamp.

We embrace the ability to indulge in simple, thoughtful gestures reminiscent of our fun pen pal days. And that’s why we keep these products stocked and readily available at your fingertips!

Also, besides owning a small shop, Laura is an advocate and supporter of independently owned businesses. She regularly shares her favorites on the blog.


Road trip aficionado.
Hates peas mixed in with her food.
Enjoys change.
Measures time in LOTR movie length.
Wheel of Fortune master.
Never tasted Dr. Pepper.
Voted ‘Most Laid Back’ in high school.
Not a social eater.
Gave birth on an IKEA couch.
Left eyed photographer.
Girl Mom.
Mildly allergic to bananas.
Doesn’t know her own phone number.
Seriously thought she had the gift of tongues one time.
Was a teenaged beekeeper.
Is the 5th of 7 kids.