FAQ: How to expertly write out a blank postcard.

Our Postcards

You’ll find a plethora of blank postcards in the Sugar Grenade Designs shop. Our postcards are 4″ x 6″ and printed on standard 14-pt paperweight with an uncoated back, traditional postcard quality. The backs of our postcards have NO lines on them. They are blank, intentionally. Even though there are no lines on the back, they are still postcards. We mention this in the product description multiple times, but it comes up now and again in the reviews customers leave us.

Why are they blank?

We decided to keep our postcards blank on the back for several reasons, mostly versatility.

  1. There doesn’t have to be lines to make it a postcard. Write it out, address it, stick a *postcard stamp on it, and mail it as a traditional postcard. No lines, no problem. You can add lines if you want, but you don’t have to.
  2. If you want to write a longer message, you can. These 4×6 postcards fit perfectly in standard A6 4×6-sized envelopes. You can add something extra to your envelope, like a sticker from the Sugar Grenade shop! Perfect!

Blank postcards are good!

After you’ve picked your blank Sugar Grenade Designs postcard, decide if you want to pair it with an envelope and write a nice long love note.

Your postcard doubles as an art print and is less likely to bear any postal system scars upon arrival if sent in an envelope.

However, postcards are charming. Write a short message, address it, and stamp it traditionally. It will still end up proudly displayed on your lucky recipient’s fridge.

Ultimately, however you choose to use your blank postcard is perfect! Receiving snail mail seems to be more of a novelty these days. Texting and social media are great and instantaneous, but something in the mail is extra special.

Postcards are tangible tokens of thoughtfulness and precious relationships. Keep the postal system alive and send love notes to your besties, grandparents, nieces, nephews, and friends. And don’t be surprised when they send you happy mail in return! Embrace the pen pal life!

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