The best product round-up 2023

We’ve depended on a few products to get us through 2023 comfortably. We’ve roadtripped, taken our first international trip as a family of 4, camped, homeschooled, and grown! Here is the non-sponsored, unaffiliated, sharing-is-caring Sugar Grenade family best product round-up for 2023!

I’ve tried, tested, gifted, and recommended all of these products at some point this year and will be heading into the New Year using them all. Maybe something on our 2023 best product round-up list can help 2024 be a great year for you.

Let me know in the comments what product you’ve loved this year!

Walker Family Goods Valley Tote

This tote bag has traveled many miles this last year! It travels up front with me, holds an ungodly amount, and continues to be stylish and functional. If you like your bag to stay organized while fulfilling its potential as a carry-all, you need this. Good luck choosing a color – they’re all pretty!

Lush Dream Cream

I’ve explored the world of daily moisturizers on and off but never found anything worth keeping around until Lush Dream Cream entered the chat. My skin is getting older, but I also have the added task of fighting autoimmune symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease, which include incredibly sad, dry skin. Lush’s Dream Cream is the tried and tested all-over solution.

Persnickety Box

The ease of ordering prints of photos directly from my phone and having them arrive in my mailbox in their pretty storage box gives me peace of mind in the current digital age. I’d be heartbroken if I lost my camera roll or hard drive photos due to a technical error. Create a hard copy of your precious memories by getting them out of your phone and into your hands with a monthly photo printing subscription. Persnickety Box photos are 4×4 and can stay in their box or be easily stored in a photo album.

Dime Fragrance

This year, I found my fragrance! Pick up a sample kit from Dime and see which one you need.

Have you tried Dime already? Did we pick the same fragrance?

(I also switched to Dime Volume Mascara this year. I only regret not doing it sooner.)

Owala Tumbler

I’ve never had a trendy Stanley brand tumbler, but I have zero complaints about the 40oz Owala brand tumbler. As someone who takes hydration seriously, this does the trick. It keeps my final refill of the night cold and cubes frozen til morning. Refill it 3 or 4 times throughout the day, and I’m fully hydrated and happy. And, it fits in my car cupholder!

I’m excited to see what products we discover during our adventures in 2024!
Share your 2023 product picks with us in the comments.

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