Happy Holidays: A full month of global celebrations!

Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings! We’re excited to spread some holiday cheer with our free December printable with you. Ignite your sense of wonder with our free printable calendar and bookmark combo of some celebrations and observations that traditionally happen globally in December.

December is the perfect month to dive into the meaning of “Happy Holidays,” learn about other cultures and become better global citizens. No matter what holidays you celebrate, there are so many more out here! Take a look at the calendar and do a little research. You might find something similar to what you already celebrate or a holiday your ancestors celebrated that you can incorporate into your traditions. Discover holidays your neighbors observe and become more knowledgeable about them. Either way, there is much to learn and love about this season of peace and goodwill toward all men.

Download your printable Happy Holidays calendar and bonus bookmark below.

Comment and let us know what holidays you celebrate and if they’re the same as your ancestors.

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