Blow Mother’s Day out the water with these gift ideas!

Mother’s Day is coming, and it can be tricky to think of something unique to gift the Mother figures in your life. I’ve rounded up a few ideas to help get your creative gift-giving juices flowing. And that I wouldn’t mind gifting myself if I’m being honest.

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Precious Charm Pendant

from Dapper And Darling
These charms are truly precious. Order custom silhouettes and prepare for tears… or maybe that’s just me?

Wild Flower Seed Mix

by Bando
Mama can grow her own gorgeous bouquet with this wildflower mix. Pair it with a plant pot and plant stake, and you’re set.

Palms Fishtail Felt Pennant

by Oxford Pennant
Add something to Mom’s gallery wall as a reminder of your preciousness. She’ll remember you every time she looks at it!

Modern Cuckoo Clock

from Letter Folk
This one is tried and tested. I’ve gifted this to my mother and two of my siblings, and let me tell you, when they start going off together during our facetime chats, it’s magical!

The Journey Bracelet

by My Fahlo
I’m not immune to the influences of social media, and here’s the proof. These bracelets track actual animals! Choose from sea turtle, polar bear, penguin, lion, giraffe, elephant, or shark. How can you resist? I don’t think I can for much longer.

Adulting Merit Badge Mug

from Uncommon Goods
Nothing says adulthood like mothering, honestly. You choose what goes in the mug. That’s also part of being an adult.

Volcano Blue signature candle

by Capri Blue
Honest to goodness, why do you even have a nose if you haven’t smelled this fragrance? I use this scent in my Pura home fragrance system, and it makes me feel like a fancy lady.

Gift like a mother

Go forth and treat yo’ mama… or yourself with these ideas. Need a little more inspiration? Check out the Sugar Grenade Galentine’s Gift Guide and see how that fits.

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