How to make your own freaking awesome Pawnee Goddesses vest

I am a Goddess

You’re here because you love Leslie Knope and female empowerment. We salute you and your interest in crafting your own Pawnee Goddesses vest!

Now, without further ado, it’s time to make yourself a Leslie Knope Pawnee Goddesses vest, complete with Pawnee Goddesses patch. Whether to cosplay, dress up, or because you have a feminist fetish, we don’t judge. However, this is an awesome addition to your wardrobe, and it’s a pretty simple DIY project. Depending on your skill set and investment in this project, it can be sewn or glued with fabric glue. Make it as simple as you want.

DIY Pawnee Goddesses Vest

We made our Parks and Rec inspired vneck purple felt vest from a simple pattern, using 1.5 yards of purple felt we purchased online here. Once you’ve made or purchased your vest, dress it up with some yellow rick-rack trim which you can find at most craft stores. Glue it or sew it on. It’s your choice.

Hear My Womanly Roar

The 3-inch, iron-on Pawnee Goddesses embroidered patch is in the Sugar Grenade Designs store.

“Perfect, just like the picture and shipped so fast! Thank you!”

Bethany via Etsy

We printed the rest of our merit badges on sticker paper and cut them out, but you can iron or glue whatever patches onto your vest you want. Add some ribbons with safety pins, and you’ll be the Leslie Knope of the gathering in no time.

Our bandana of choice is the No. 44 Hazel bandana from Hemlock Goods.

Tag us in your Pawnee Goddesses posts, especially if you use one of our embroidered Pawnee Goddess patches. The Leslie Knope loving community is one we’re proud to be part of, you wild, majestic unicorn.

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